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Magnetic Slide Conveyor - Press Break
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When building your magnet conveyor…

Maximum size and rate of scrap should be known prior to specifying model.

Magnet centers must be at least 2” longer than the material to be handled. If they are not, the magnetic field will be shortened and the material will not convey.

When using your magnet conveyor…

Material must be evenly fed (not batch loaded) onto receiving end of the Magnetic Conveyor. If batch loading is required, use a standalone hopper with a side gate and vibratory conveyor to feed material onto the Magnetic Slide Conveyor.

For press scrap or parts handling applications

Do not let material build up in the die. This can cause a batch loading condition in which the load breaks loose and falls onto the conveyor.

For ALL chip handling...

Do not apply Magnetic Slide Conveyors to machines that product long and stringy chips, curls, or nests. They will not convey.

For wet chip handling…

Coolant capacity is typically more of a concern than chip capacity.

Proper conveyor size will efficiently remove most chips from coolant, eliminating the need for further filtration.

Proper conveyor speed will minimize coolant carry off with the chips.

Do You Have More Questions About Operating Our Magnet Conveyors?

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