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Magnetic Slide Conveyor
Magnetic Slide Conveyor
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Industrial Conveyors FAQ

Are you unsatisfied with the efficiency of your workplace?
Are you wasting time and limiting productivity due to old machinery that doesn’t meet your needs?
You work hard, and you deserve machinery that makes your job easier, not harder. If your machinery is on its way out, or the upkeep is getting too expensive, we want to help!
Storch Magnetics specializes in industrial magnets and industrial conveyors that are sure to make your workplace more efficient and safer for your employees.
To help you make a decision to better your workplace, we’ve put together a quick FAQ for our industrial conveyors so you can see why Storch is the right choice for you!
Q: What makes Storch industrial conveyors the right choice?
A: Storch manufactures several options for your specific material handling needs, including magnetic slide conveyors, steel hinge belt conveyors, drag-flight conveyors, belt conveyors (both magnetic and non-magnetic), precision gear belt conveyors, and chip conveyors. 
Q: How do I know that Storch has the conveyor I need for my business?
A: Storch serves many different industries, and takes steps to make sure your money doesn’t go to waste. When you get a conveyor system from Storch, we provide delivery services and on time shipments to make sure your business doesn’t fall off track. We also provide complimentary testing of your material to make sure our conveyors will work for you.
Q: Are there any other benefits of getting an industrial conveyor from Storch?
A: Yes! One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our guarantee and warranty of products’ performance to documented applications. We promise your equipment will perform the way its supposed to, every time. We also rebuild and/or service magnetic conveyors, magnetic separators, and magnetic equipment whether they are new, used or rebuilt!

Looking for more about Industrial Conveyors?

Call one of our knowledgeable and friendly technicians today to find out how an industrial conveyor system from Storch can start you on the path to success! Someone is waiting to speak with you at (800) 959-0047.