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Storch Conveyors
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Magnetic Slide Conveyor - Build
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Custom Conveyor Benefits


The safest, most dependable, and most effective conveyor type for you and your employees. Less moving parts means fewer injuries, and less maintenance means your employees don't have to worry about a broken machine causing problems.

Fully Automated

An industrial automated process (runs on its own)

Maintenance Free

Maintenance-free operation doesn't require you to spend a lot of money on the cost of repairs, replacement parts, and keeps your custom conveyor running longer, allowing you to keep your processes running without interruption.

Best ROI

  • Increases productivity, uptime & profitability
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Avoids untold costs & damages of conveyors with exposed, moving parts

Guaranteed Operation

We provide omplimentary testing of your product samples to guarantee the success of your investment.

Contaminant Free

Our custom conveyors operate with no cross-contamination.