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Why Purchase a Beltless Magnetic Slide Conveyor

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Why Purchase a Beltless-Magnetic Slide Stainless Steel Conveyors Conveying Chips, Scrap & Parts

By Robert Mount
Storch Magnetics Engineering Manager
Todd Papora
V.P. Sales and Marketing

When you need to take the challenges out of carrying hot, cold, wet, oily and dry ferrous materials, a beltless-magneticslide conveyor can be the perfect solution. These ceramic permanent-magnet-powered conveyors use a chain located below a non-moving slider plate to convey ferrous particles. They are perfect for small turnings, cold-headed parts, stampings and small assembly components, along with scrap like punch-outs, trim stock and chips.

Beltless-magnetic-slide conveyors offer a number of different advantages over other conveyor methods. These advantages include:

· Safer operation than other types of Chip, Scrap & Parts Conveyors

· Maintenance-free functions

· Longest service life in effective metal transfer

· Coolant quality, life improvement

· Better coolant containment improves safety

· Self-cleaning of parts to eliminate contaminate part crossovers

· Eradication of damaged parts in part handling applications

Magnetic-slide conveyors are safer than other types of conveyors like Hinge, Drag, or Belted conveyors because there are no exposed moving parts to pinch/sever a finger or an appendage.

They are virtually maintenance free because there are no upkeep and replacement costs for belts or exposed moving parts that can wear out or be damaged by foreign objects. Also all moving parts are fully enclosed in an oil bath allowing the chain that moves the magnets beneath the slider plate to be continuously lubricated. There are no steel or rubber belts to jam or tear, which can cause downtime and additional maintenance expense.

For wet-chip applications the conveyor’s flat smooth surface or textured with greater inclines to 90 degrees allows greater coolant to flow off of the chips, giving a much cleaner dryer chip and uncontaminated coolant going back into the machine. This also minimizes coolant or oil loss because they can be recycled.

Magnetic-slide conveyors used for a stamping press application can be manufactured with liquid tight side guides and a drain to remove oil as it accumulates on the conveyor. With other types of conveyors, press oil can go everywhere, unless it’s trapped. With oil being removed, safety is improved around the conveyor, and there’s less clean-up maintenance costs.

These conveyors can also eliminate cross-over contamination of conveyed parts. For instance, if fasteners are mixed when conveyed on a traditional belt conveyor it can cause a complete shipment to be rejected and sent back for sorting. With a magnetic-slide conveyor, after the job is completed, it’s easy to see if all the parts are off the conveyor before new ones are introduced. Other types of conveyors can cause stray fasteners to stay on the belt caught in hinges, or under rubber belts, cross contaminating the next part batch. This saves delivery, labor, costs and customer delayed rejects.

Magnetic-slide conveyors also eliminate damaged parts. Rubber or steel-belt conveyors can pinch parts within the hinge areas, transitions, sprocket or pulley areas, and damage them.

Magnetic-slide conveyors are available in a number of models, as the slide can be configured in many different angles. This makes them ideal for a range of industries and applications, including the iron and steel industries, mining and chemicals, along with stamping, machining and gear cutting.

Beltless-magnetic slide conveyors from Storch Magnetics offer the option of being configured with perforated side guides, auxiliary collection tanks and vertical rises to sort parts or scrap from oils and coolant as economically as possible.

Storch offers a selection of five unique conveyor styles with widths ranging from 4 to 36 inches and an hourly carrying capacity ranging from 150 Lbs to 18,000 lbs/Hr, and a single part conveyance capacity of 18 lbs each. When these styles are combined with the variety of conveyor widths, lengths, slide-plate surfaces, drive options, incline angles, controls, and many more options, Storch offers a huge selection of beltless-magnetic slide conveyor systems. Storch’s modular conveyor components are easy to integrate with existing equipment or to install with new custom-handling systems.

Companies interested in beltless-magnetic slide conveyors for metal hazard chips, scraps or effective parts conveyance should consult Storch engineers. Established in 1952, Storch manufactures a full line of standard and custom designed and engineered magnetic and non-magnetic material handling and magnetic industrial products to improve separating, conveying, holding, automating and more.

Storch Magnetics is an ISO 9001:2008 and Women’s Business Certified Company (WBENC) located in Livonia, MI., USA.

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